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johannaJohanna Hansén
Nov-13 one year after treatment, each eye were more than 1.5 without glasses. Johanna had before -5 Dioptrier and did not see the syntax without glasses.






PatrikPatrik Jönsson
Patrik had -18D (Wow ) and saw the third row from the top with his best glasses when he came to us
Now he sees 100% with -2.5 glasses. He is very happy and now is able to get a driving license.






bild-3Caroline Svensson från Amsterdam

-11D on both eyes and now at the last visit has 1.0 on each eye.
Ie 1 year after treatment.







patrikPatrik Ekenberg
Patrik was >—8 D before surgery and at the final check 1 year later he was very pleased. Looks with 2 eyes 1.5 and then on each eye more than 1.0.