A-Lasek och Lasek/Elsa

Sabbatsberg Ögonlaser Stockholm is treating your refractive error with the latest version of LASEK/ ELSA, or ”TransPRK, No Touch”. ”TransPRK, No Touch” or ”No cut”, is a version of LASEK/ ELSA, PRK and Epi-Lasik.

The laser machine itself is one of the most advanced currently on the market, it’s an Amaris made by Schwind.

Lasek is a superficial method, which means we often save more then 100 thousandth millimeter substance thickness of the cornea, compared to the Lasik/ Fs-Lasik method. The cornea is about 500 thousandth millimeter thick, when using the Lasek treatment you lose about 30 – 90 thousandth of those 500. Compared to Lasik where you lose up to almost 190 thousandth. If the cornea become too weak, serious refractive issues can occur, which can be impossible to repair. That’s the reason to why we only perform the superficial treatment, Lasek.

The epithelium is removed by first adding a weak alcohol solution on the corneal surface. After this the epithelium can be move to the side and by doing so the cornea will be exposed from underneath it’s protective “layer”.
The laser is working on the cornea to change its shape and by doing so also changing the refraction of the light. In case of nearsightedness the laser bring down the tip of the cornea with a number of thousandth of millimeters and there by removing the myopia.

The method is combined with simultaneous aspherical and possibly wavefronts treatment, which in some cases are necessary to further enhance your vision.

Article about Lasek on Wikipedia.

Article about Lasek on Wikipedia.